Carrot, Apple and Beet Juice

Eggs and toast for breakfast are great but sometimes a glass of juice is all I need.  My favorite combination is apple and carrot juice but I’m open to tossing in other fruits and veggies.

My sister actually introduced me to juicing beets.  She had to be the one to do that though because I’m not a fan of them at all. 

She said I should only use half a beet because it has such a strong presence in flavor and color.  I purchased a small one and used the whole thing.  Peeling it was a bit messy but washing up immediately after prevented any staining on my hands and the juicer.

Although, I haven’t tried it yet, I hear the carrot pulp can be used to make muffins or other types of bread.  I’ll have to find a good “go-to” recipe so I can avoid wasting any of it.

See how the beet juice just takes over?

Carrot, Apple and Beet juice is certainly pretty to look at and after a couple of “little” tastes, I was able to drink a glassful with no worries.  I’ll do this again and will probably even toss in a slice or three of ginger.

I’m looking for a few really good flavor combinations now.  What fruits and veggies are you juicing these days?

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