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Twelve Eighty Inspired Dining’s New Fall Menu

By November 27, 2017 Dining Out

The following menu tasting was complimentary.

Each time I walk into Twelve Eighty Inspired Dining I know the experience is going to be exceptional. It’s a good thing when you know your meal is going to be delicious and that you can enjoy it in a creative environment with friendly service. The restaurant is located on Sifly Piazza between the Memorial Arts Building and the High Museum making it convenient to plan a Dinner with the Arts night out.

I attended the media tasting event with Steeler Fan. We were warmly greeted by our host with a glass of champagne which is such a pleasant way to enter a room. Our evening would would include pairings of cocktails with the chef driven menu. The best way I know of to demonstrate food is with pictures so here we go! Read More

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Experience the Essence of Southern Brazil at Chama Gaúcha

By November 21, 2017 Dining Out, Everything Else

The dining experience described below was complimentary.

When I’m looking for a place to dine in the vast sea of options around the Atlanta area, I tend to lean more towards places with poultry, seafood and vegetable options. I’m not a heavy red meat or pork eater so I found it easy to look past destinations like Chama Gaúcha. I really should have given them a try a long time ago because their menu offerings are much more varied than I thought. Read More

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Tiff’s Treats: Warm Cookies from their Oven to your Door {Review}

By November 13, 2017 Everything Else

The warm cookies & cookie companions described below were complimentary and much appreciated.

The reality of the time of year we’re in hit me the other night as I got myself ready for bed. This month we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Day then next month, Christmas! Dear 2017, where did the time go?

I’m sure that the celebratory atmosphere of this season has us thinking about unique ways to spread cheer. I often make gifts at home of both the crafty and food variety. I baked cookies years ago and am often reminded by the recipients of how good they were. I “gave” those cookies so understanding how they felt to “receive” them was slightly lost on me, until recently.

One Friday morning, not too long ago, a friendly young delivery lady walked into the shop where I work with a special delivery – – warm cookies, cold milk and other goodies, courtesy of Tiff’s Treats. Can you imagine starting the last day of the work week with that kind of pick-me-up?!

A green ribbon tied box, tucked neatly in a white branded gift bag, held the Tiff’s Mix option which included Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, M&M and Oatmeal Raisin. A second bag contained bottles of Mayfield 2% Milk, 1% Chocolate Milk and a container of Tiffblitz Frozen Dessert. A note was included on the box as well as small envelope with a rather generous gift card. Did I mention the part about the cookies being warm?

The cookies are baked when ordered so they arrive at their destination nice and toasty. It was a bit of a challenge trying to decide which to bite into first. I got around to tasting a little of each delicious flavor. The Snickerdoodle and Peanut Butter cookies were more toward the top of my list, however, I fell hard for the Oatmeal Raisin. It’s pretty fantastic!

I was surprised by the Tiff’s Blitz. It’s “cold vanilla ice cream blended with chunks of chocolate chip cookies and fudgy brownie bites. Topped with crumbled sugar cookies.” It’s was an unexpected but well appreciated treat. When you try this, you might want to save a little milk to wash down all of its richness. I would actually need to do this with Almond Milk or coffee.

Getting a delivery of WARM cookies as opposed to say flowers, chocolates or fruit is wonderful. (Although, I’m open to all of these). Unfortunately, I live outside of the Tiff’s Treats delivery zone so my doorbell won’t be ringing anytime soon with said WARM cookies. Until that dream comes true, I’m completely okay with the fact that I work close enough to a location that makes delivery to my shop possible.

To learn more about Tiff’s Treats,

Visit their Website | Follow on Instagram | Follow on Twitter

Disclosure: The Tiff’s Treats cookie delivery described above was complimentary. I received no monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are based on my own personal experience. You can view my full Disclosure Policy here.

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