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Twisted Bourbon-ana Ice Cream Sandwiches

By July 31, 2017 Desserts, Food and Recipes, Ice Cream

I received a bottle of Four Roses Bourbon and an ingredient stipend in exchange for creating and sharing the following frozen delight. You’re welcome!

August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. In honor of this special occasion, and because I happened to have a gratis bottle of Four Roses Bourbon to play with, I crafted a little something my family kinda loves me for. You’re probably already wondering about the name. Well, the name is what happened when my sisters, daughter and her friend gathered around my kitchen table to taste the ice cream then toss around words that seemed fitting for the flavors. It was so much fun!

When I sat down to decide what I wanted to make, I tried to keep it familiar. We love cheesecake and banana pudding in my home so this ice cream sandwich is sort of a mashup of those two desserts with a booozy twist. Read More

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“The” Birthday Party After Party

By May 23, 2017 Birthdays, Celebrations, Dining Out

Just so you know: The celebratory experience described below included complimentary eats provided by Edgar’s Proof and Provision. Read on…

One gorgeous Sunday evening, a group of friends gathered in an intimate drinkery located on the lower level of The Georgian Terrace Hotel to celebrate the birthday of a very special blogger. I happened to be among the attendees of the event dubbed the Kentucky Derby After Party  Birthday Party. Yes, you read that right; this was an after party party for someone who truly deserves to be celebrated… Chef M.

// Next Level Deviled Eggs | Smoked Jerky with Chipotle & Soy Marinated Flank Steak

The Georgian Terrace is beyond elegant and is a favorite of Chef M of The Front Porch Gourmet and her dear husband. It’s no wonder they chose to host this special occasion at Edgar’s Proof and Provision, one of the destination’s notable dining options. As I entered the dimly lit den, it felt like I was stepping out of a blanket of daily grind into a moment of timelessness. P&P is the kind of place where one can just “be” whether that means alone, with a friend or even a group of them.

Read More

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How to Taco Tuesday with Seafood and Sprouts Farmers Market

By May 9, 2017 Food and Recipes

FYI: The following experience included complimentary products and all kinds of fun!

Ordinarily on a Tuesday after work, all I want to do is hop in the car and jump on the interstate so I can avoid the RUSH part of rush hour traffic. On a Tuesday, not too terribly long ago, I made the decision to hang out with some bloggers at a media event hosted by Sprouts Farmers Market instead of going home. That meant finding a way to The Cook’s Warehouse in Midtown without getting on I-85. I’m sure you’ve heard about the bridge issue here by now. Well it’s a real thing and we ATLiens have all been working through it in our own way. Anyway, I decided to Google Map my way there and it worked out beautifully. Although the drive was slow in a couple places, I ended up arriving a bit early.

Each time I walk into The Cook’s Warehouse I have to suppress the urge to buy “all the stuff” with a one or two thing budget. Looking is always free so, as I entered the store this time, I allowed my eye to catch a couple gadgets before reaching our host for the evening. His name is Diego.

Diego has one of those magnetic personalities. He offered me an energetic welcome, then pointed me in the direction of some refreshments and light bites.  Prepared and waiting for us were Chef Tregaye Fraser’s takes on Crab Cakes and Shrimp & Grits. Both were prepared with ingredients from Sprouts Farmers Market. Part of our night featured a cooking demonstration by the Food Network personality where she showed us how she does it. Read More

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