Making Room for Cake

Over the years I have walked into my kitchen and whipped up some pretty awesome desserts including:

This Brown Sugar Pound Cakebaked for a ladies brunch,

brown sugar pound cake

this German Sweet Chocolate Cake I made for a breakfast gathering,

german sweet chocolate cake

and this Key Lime Cake I tried just because I wanted to.

key lime cake

All of these confections are amazing and I have an arsenal of more tasty looking recipes waiting for their turn in my oven.  But first I have to make sure I have room for them around my waistline.  In order to make that happen, I’m going to try something pretty radical for me.  I’m going on a “D” word.

Shred - The Revolutionary Diet

I’m currently reading Dr. Ian Smith’s Shred.  After analyzing the first three chapters, I see that this “D” plan requires a generous dose of discipline.  Discipline means that maybe I can’t bake my cake and eat it too for 6 whole weeks.  It also means that when I visit my own blog, I might have to do so with someone on the phone who can talk me down from my impulse to bake.

Orrrr…maybe I can use this experience and try to make beautiful healthy foods to share. Yeah.  Maybe I’ll do that.  We’ll see.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

The prompt I chose this week was:  Book review! What are you reading this summer?

Now it’s your turn.  What are you reading?

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6 thoughts on “Making Room for Cake

  1. Caroline

    Good luck with your D. My daughter was sitting beside me, and said, “I want that,” about your Key Lime cake. Beautiful!!


    1. Teresa

      Thanks Caroline. The Key Lime Cake is easy to make and it’s pretty tasty.


  2. madamdreamweaver

    Cool cake pics! I believe in the free-day concept with eating plans. (Even The Rock eats a ton of pizza and several pans of brownies on his free-day!) That way you can still have your cake and diet too. 🙂


    1. Teresa

      Madamdreamweaver I like the free-day concept but I’m pretty sure this plan doesn’t have one. Thanks for trying to find a way for me to have my cake and eat it!


  3. karen

    all that yummy cake…wow. I don;t have any discipline…I really need some 😉
    karen recently posted…SILLY SUNDAY, AWARD, and WEEKLY ROUNDUPMy Profile


  4. Rachel Cotterill

    I’ve been trying to do the 5:2 plan, and although I sometimes find it hard to fit in around my life, it’s certainly much easier than going on a “diet” of the sort that would involve cutting out cake!!! Also I’m trying to keep it interesting for myself by devising low calorie recipes. Best of luck with your goals 🙂
    Rachel Cotterill recently posted…Black Bean & Corn FajitasMy Profile


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