Winter Bucket List + Cozy Cranberry Tea

I’ve heard of Bucket Lists filled with things to do before dying or before reaching a milestone birthday but never one to celebrate a specific season.  The list below is my Winter Bucket List inspired this week by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

This season I would like to:

1.  Go ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park

2.  Experience Garden Lights Holiday Nights at Atlanta Botanical Garden

3.  Check into a hotel for a weekend and enjoy an uninterrupted HOLIDAY MOVIE MARATHON

4.  Find a lovely new pair of Winter Boots and…

5.  Discover some new favorite hot beverages like the one below.

One of the best parts of the Holiday Season is the aroma of our favorite comfort foods and beverages wafting from the kitchen.  If you’re into cranberries, this recipe is one that will certainly create another unforgettable fragrant memory.

From the moment the cranberries are added to the pot of water,

to the point when the orange and lemon juices and spices are added,

this tea fills the air with fruity and mildly spicy coziness.

My family and I fell head over heels for this tea.   You can find the Hot Cranberry Tea recipe on

This post was inspired by the Writer’s Workshop hosted by Mama Kat at Mama’s Losin It!. The Writer’s Workshop prompt I chose this week was: Share your winter bucket listNow it’s your turn…Visit Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop to see the other prompts and then Join In!

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7 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List + Cozy Cranberry Tea

  1. Erin @ EKat's Kitchen

    Oh WOW!!! This tea looks incredible! What a lovely idea – heading over to AllRecipes right now to check it out 🙂

    I love fall drinks and teas.


    1. Teresa

      I do hope you’ll try the recipe….it’s so well worth the effort.


  2. The Tablescaper

    This looks delicious! And seasonal! I’d love to have you join my weekly meme, Seasonal Sundays!

    Thank you also for your visit.

    – The Tablescaper


  3. Athena at Minerva's Garden

    This sounds really yummy! Thank you for sharing the tea recipe link with us, along with your gorgeous pictures.


  4. Jacqueline

    Perfect for today as the weather went from 70 yesterday to heavy snow today. It is beautiful too.

    You have inspired me, now I want to make a Cooking Bucket List – things I want to try making/baking before I kick it!


  5. carol

    Sounds and looks so delicious! I’m going to have to check it out.


  6. Ria

    You have a beautiful blog; I just spotted you on Rita’s Blog and was intrigued because you have my sister’s name. I feel I just have to join you.


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