The Novelty of a Lychee Beverage

You ever look at a wrapper and kinda think out loud how cool it is?  Like “Wow, look at that” or “Oh, that’s awesome!” and “Oooo…neat!”  That’s how I felt when I saw this bottle.

Okay, so it’s not so much the pink and blue design or the fact that it’s an artificially flavored beverage.  It’s more about the shape of the bottle and the fact that it comes with opening instructions.

So here I am following….

First, I removed the wrapper to reveal a little green top, which separates to reveal the plunger mentioned in the instructions.  I’m not afraid to admit that this first step was a little confusing.  My vision of a plunger never resembled this. So, for a brief moment after finding it, I found myself still looking for it.

What you’ll also find after removing the wrapper is a blue cap with a glass marble sitting quite snuggly in the center.  The plunger is placed on top of the marble,

and, with the palm of the hand, it’s pressed firmly down in order to release it.

See how the shape of the bottle works here?

The bottle even comes with a warning on the label.  Appropriate I guess for food and beverage risk takers like Moi!

After sinking the marble, there was more fun to be had.  Like taking pictures of said marble.

Then of course, I had to drink the beverage, which was carbonated water with lychee flavoring and some variation of sugar.  It was nice as far as novelty drinks go.

Being, that this is all about the bottle packaging  and that little round piece of glass, more picture taking followed…

The last one is my favorite.  If you’ve never dissected food and beverage packaging before, you have to try it…and take lots of pics!

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2 thoughts on “The Novelty of a Lychee Beverage

  1. Scraps

    I love packaging that is a little different from the norm! And that plunger assembly reminds me of the way our water bottles (the big ones for the office cooler) used to work. Except that it was a wax seal and not a glass marble.


    1. Teresa

      I’ve never really paid attention to how those large bottles were sealed before. It’s interesting how we overlook some things.


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