Taste of Atlanta: The Sweeter Side

As promised, this is the Sweeter Side of my Taste of Atlanta experience.   Just in case you missed The Savory Side, you can read all about it here.  Now to the good stuff…

Miss A and I literally stopped in our tracks  when we saw these Red Velvet Pancakes.  I don’t know if these are served elsewhere but, at the event, they were going like “hotcakes.”  I just can’t help myself sometimes ; )   The folks at West Egg Cafe topped the pancakes with a little mound of cream cheese making the experience delightfully rich.

This cookie is no ordinary cookie. The ladies tending the Imperial Sugar tent allowed Miss A and I to decorate the frosting on this sugar cookie with some sprinkles and then provided us with a really cute tin and some information regarding their Bake It Forward initiative.

They ask that you register the tin, bake some cookies, brownies or other confections, then send it someone.  It’s sort of a pay it forward idea with a sweet little twist.  The beneficiary is someone who needs a smile.  You can check out the Bake It Forward site, watch the video and get additional information.

This Passion Fruit Mousse was offered by Minas Emporium.  It was creamy, not too sweet and had just the right amount of fruity syrup on top.  They also served the Fried Pastry Snack mentioned in my previous post.

Now this frozen confection was a bit of a puzzle for us. Lakeside Grill offered a duo of Citrus -Lychee Sorbet and Sweet Cream Ice Cream.  I tried it first.  Miss A and my sisters waited for me to find the words to accurately describe the flavors but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I essentially stated the obvious, it was citrusy with nice hints of lychee and it was good.  Miss A and my younger sister both requested samples and, after considering the flavors, little sis nailed it for us. The flavor was like sweet grapefruit which was really nice with the Sweet Cream Ice Cream.

At the end of the day, Miss A and I had three taste coupons left. I decided and she agreed to take home a snack for later so we picked up slices of Baklava from Mediterranean Grill.

My family and I tried several other tasty restaurant samples, enjoyed some pleasing weather and had an overall great time. When I attend this event, I do so to help fuel my culinary interests, find new restaurants to fave and to share this passion with others. I hope your curiosity has been piqued enough to get out there and try something new as well.

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