Fried Egg with Toast

There are mornings when I don’t have to think about what I want for breakfast.  Instead a craving for something comforting consumes me and I ultimately give in  to it.  I was introduced to fried eggs years ago and now have a preference to it.  Yes, I like fried eggs better than boiled, scrambled, as omelets or any other variety.  One of the keys to getting it just right for me is my cast iron skillet.

 I start by melting a small amount of butter in the skillet, then pouring in one cracked egg with a light sprinkling of salt and black pepper.

Now things get personal when it comes to cook time.  I’m one of those people who unapologetically prefers a little browning on my fried eggs.  That’s how I like it.  So I watch my egg as it sizzles in the skillet and when it reaches the “right amount of toastiness”, I flip it onto my plate and breakfast is almost done.

Hmmm….what’s missing here?

Ahhhh…toasted wheat bread with grape jam.  Oh I’m so ready now.  Now, one more thing.

Hot coffee in my favorite cup.  Now my Friday morning is perfect.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Friday and have a fantastic weekend!!

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2 thoughts on “Fried Egg with Toast

  1. Legacy

    I must agree. This is my favorite way to have my eggs, too. Great minds do think alike. 🙂


    1. Teresa

      They most certainly do. I’m so excited you stopped by!!!


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